Apex Grading and Paving is simply the best. I have had the privilege to work with them on multiple projects over the past several years and have never been disappointed with their professionalism, quality of work and overall ability to handle any job with the same consistency. The relationship that I have built with Apex and specifically Rob is build on this consistency. The knowledge and experience that Rob and his crew possess for their work and equipment is evident in the high level of quality work they produce time and time again. There is something to be said for a company that is pleasant to work with throughout each step of a project. From the very first contact, to receiving a bid, to the completion Rob and his crew are simply the best. I give my highest recommendation with no reservation to Apex Grading and Paving, Rob and his crew.

Travis PeakOwner/President, Peek Brothers Construction, Inc.

In the past two years I’ve had the need to contract paving work to be done a tthe USF Reddaway facility in Sparks NV. After several bids were in place I chose Apex Grading & Paving. I found them to be professional with an excellent knowlege of what was needed in our particular situation. Their attitude and willingness to work around my schedule was crucial in getting the work done timely with very little interference to my operation. They gave me a time frame for the scope of the work done and were on site on the day agreed, and done in the time frame stated in the bid. I hight recommend Apex for any paving needs large or small.

Rick D. WileyTerminal Manager

To Whom It May Concern:

It is always a great pleasure to work with Apex Grading and Paving on our projects. Jack and Rob represent themselves and their company in a very professional and ethical manner with respect to construction practices, bidding, and owner relations. We have worked on a variety of projects together from public works to large scale private developments. With every opportunity I have to recommend an asphalt and grading contractor to a client, owner, or general contractor; Apex is always at the top of my list. One of main reasons I prefer to work with Jack and Rob is that they always make the personal decision to consult and problem-solve with me and our clients up front if they have a sense that something doesn’t look right, if there will be a problem, or if there is a better way to construct something to save money for our clients. And I feel that it is a choice to make these decisions compared to other contractors and there is something to say for repeat business that results from their consistent quality and superior attention to details. There is never a doubt when I recommend Apex for a project due to the high level of confidence I have in their abilities and honesty. The relationship I have with Apex truly makes my job easier as we share the same goals for our clients to maintain quality, service, respect and integrity. Jack and Rob are not owners that you only talk with on the phone and email back and forth with while in the office. There is no doubt that they both, as well as their crews, treat each and every job with personal attention and extensive experience in the field and on the equipment. And that goes a long way from just seeing the projects on paper in the office with our clients, owners, and general contractors.

Eric AndersonPresident, Principal Engineer

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